Baseball Instruction from MLB Network: Diamond Demos Marathon

This Sunday, June 7th, the MLB network will be having a “Diamond Demos” marathon from 12 noon to 3:30 pm (CST). Diamond Demos reminds me a little bit of the old, Johnny Bench “Baseball Bunch”stuff.  The only thing missing are the poor child actors, the San Diego Chicken,  Tommy Lasorda in a wizard costume (engulfed in a puff of smoke), and more powder blue than legally allowed.

Cast of "The Baseball Bunch"

Cast of "The Baseball Bunch"

Man, I miss that show.  Seriously, there was some great instructional advice on the Baseball Bunch. I specifically remember the episodes with Mike Schmidt, Gary Carter, and Ozzie Smith (all of which were notorious Cub killers). Here’s an interesting link to a New York Times article about the Baseball Bunch and a must see clip:

Diamond Demos is an in studio show that features MLB players and managers, both current and former, giving excellent instructional information for all ages. Everything from bunting to baserunning is covered.

 I know it’s channel 213 on DirecTV. Unfortunatley, Dish Network and some cable companies do not carry the MLB network. For your convenience, I’ve added the MLB network link. You can find their on air schedule very easily. Get those DVR’s Ready!!!