DVR/Tivo- Great Coaching Tool!!!

How many times have you been watching a game on TV and thought, “Man, I wish my son or daughter would’ve seen that guy hit or that girl field a ground ball.” I’ve probably done it a thousand times. 

Digital video recorders (DVR’s) or devices like Tivo have really made those thoughts a thing of the past. The beauty of these devices is that they are always recording. With a click of a button you can rewind great swing from Albert Pujols, an awesome pitch pitch from Johan Santana or Jenny Finch, or a moustache twirl from Clay Zavada.  (Sorry, about that Clay, I had too.) Then you can call your kids into the room and watch it. If the kids aren’t around at the time, you can record that snippet and watch it later because the DVR basically has a hard drive to save to, like a computer. The best feature is you can use slow motion and look at a clip frame by frame. At our house we’ve recently upgraded to HD, and the DVR clips are amazing in slow-mo. When you’re done with the clip, simply delete it. 

My problem is, I’m a DVR pack rat. When you’ve got 2 innings of the World Baseball Classic (Korea vs. China…it was 14-0 Korea!?!), you qualify as a DVR pack rat.

A word of advice:if you’ve been a customer of a your current satellite or cable company for a few years, if you call and request them to upgrade your box to a DVR, often times the upgrade is free!!! If they do not offer it for free, don’t be afraid to ask.

Any comments or suggestions?