Bullpen Routine: Keeping Pitchers Sharp

Here’s a copy of the bullpen routines that we use for our pitchers.  This document was put together by our pitching coach, Mr. Ryan Bemont.  The “Base Bullpen” and “Short Bullpen” are the two that we use the most.  As well, we will modify these routines during the season as needed.  The modification is based on which pitcher needs to be penned and how often he has thrown.  For example, if we have a commonly used pitcher, we may use a modified short pen between starts just to stay sharp and focus on mechanics.  If it is a player that may not be throwing as much, the longer routines will come into play. The short pen is the primary routine used before a game.

FB= fastball

CU= change up

CV= curve


3 comments on “Bullpen Routine: Keeping Pitchers Sharp

  1. Good article, thanks.

  2. Mark says:

    Hello Anthony. The REPEAT TWICE in the Long Bullpen refers to repeating the “12 Game Pitches” portion twice. So here is the breakdown:

    Base Bullpen = 56 Pitches
    12 “Game Pitches” (repeat twice more)

    So you are throwing 56 + 12 X 3 Game Pitches, 56 + 36 = 92 total pitches

  3. Anthony says:

    I somehow interpret the REPEAT TWICE as doing the BASE BULLPEN two more times after the initial cycle for a total of 168 pitches. Even you do the BASE BULLPEN two total times that’s 112 pitches. In the Long Bullpen Session could you clarify how there is only 92 pitches thrown. Thanks

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