Baseball & Softball Hitting: The Contact Position

Lefty hitting an inside pitch.

Lefty hitting an inside pitch.

The previous post was related to the negative movement or “launch” position.  That negative movement should be performed on every pitch.  The idea is to be ready to hit every pitch.  Making the assumption that the next pitch will be the one to drive.  Hitters should only be laying off pitches that  they decide aren’t giving them an optimum chance of making good contact. This post is about what a hitter’s body should look like when he or she sees that pitch, you know…. “the one”.

Here is a list of questions or checkpoints, if you will.  Some questions to ask your hitters as you review videotape of them hitting. Or simply some things to watch as your hitters take BP.

  1. Is the hitter’s rear foot and kneecap turned facing the pitcher?
  2. Did the back hip and back shoulder coincide movement?
  3. Is the hitter up on the toes of his or her back foot?
  4. Is the hitter’s front foot slightly open at a 45° angle?
  5. Is the knee braced and locked?
  6. Are the hands in a palm up-palm down position?
  7. Is the hitter’s head still an centered between both legs?
  8. Is the posture still tall and not leaning forward or back?
  9. Are the hitter’s eyes fixed on the point of contact? You can’t hit what you can’t see.
  10. Is the hitter hitting strikes at different parts of the zone at the correct area over the plate?  The inside pitch should be struck in front of the hitters front hip, the outside pitch near the front of the back hip, and the pitch right down the middle should be struck somewhere in between.
Albert Pujols hitting an outside pitch. Notice the eyes, hands, and feet. Awesome!!!

Albert Pujols hitting an outside pitch. Notice the eyes, hands, and feet. Awesome!!!

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